Light Conversation w/ Parrish Smith

Starting from producing on borrowed gear for Nina Kravitz’s TRIP imprint to being one of Amsterdam’s heaviest producers and DJs, Parrish Smith is on a slow climb to the top, even if that’s not where he really wants to be. In the past 3 years Smith has released on L.I.E.S., Knekelhuis, TRIPP, Dekmantel UFO, received commissions from RE:VIVE, EYE, Tropenmuseum and FOAM, has built soundscapes, concept albums and film scores and DJ some of Europe’s biggest parties. Firm in his beliefs, he’d usually rather let his music do the talking but he’s not tepid about opening up about his roots and goals.

For this edition of Light Conversation Parrish Smith joins Gregory Markus and shares details about growing up as an outsider who couldn’t bring himself to conform to normal life, his commitment to doing things his way and achieving the goals he sets for himself and how his music is a personal vessel of communication that just so happens to carry political and body-moving weight.

Red Light Radio Light Conversation – is a series documenting the lives and experiences of personalities from across the creative spectrum. Gregory Markus, an archivist at the Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision, will be curating the show, aiming to bring a humanist perspective to what drives and inspires these great minds.