October 6-13: Red Light Radio USA Tour

Needless to say that we’re beyond stoked to visit the United States Of America again this fall!

October 6: Austin / Party / Kinda Tropical
w/ Joshua Cordova, Dj Soulseek, Katrina Fairlee & Dazion (live)

October 7: Austin / Party / Sahara Lounge
w/ Joshua Cordova, Dj Soulseek, Mija & Dazion (live)

October 9: Austin / Broadcast / Trailer
w/ Joshua Cordova, veronica Ortuno, Ed Davis, Bill Converse, SK Ultra, Katrina Fairlee, Private Service, Marcos Cabral, Jonathan Valdez

October 12: Los Angeles / Broadcast / Standard Hotel
w/ Masha, Alex Ho, Jeniluv, Alima Lee, Bianca Lexis & Heidi Lawden

October 12: Los Angeles / Party / Dig Deeper X Moony Habits
w/ Solar, Dj Soulseek, Dazion (live), Masha & Alex Ho

October 13: San Francisco / Party / We Are Monsters
w/ Aurora Halal, Prostitutes, C L A W S, Solar, Dazion & Stallion’s Stud