Light Conversation with Eomac

With Irish experimental techno duo Lakker, the only musical certainty in their productions is a nervous uncertainty. As the pair’s releases mount up (having formed an especially fruitful relationship with Belgium’s R & S) they further entrench their style as a measurable marker of what techno-not-techno could or should be – a challenging, ever-shifting web which ensnares different production processes, rhythmic patterns, and stylistic approaches.

Such shapeshifting extends to the solo project of Lakker’s Ian McDonnell, Eomac. Dubbing it a mere side project would be wrong: McDonnell has released as many albums under Eomac as Lakker, and more EPs. In this time he’s veered from distortion-heavy industrial to shuffling and syncopated post-garage beats akin to what techno would have sounded like if invented in North London. Whether its a gritty take on IDM or taped analog house, Eomac has a way of making the schizophrenic feel deceptively inviting.

Gregory Markus talks to Ian about his early life – what it was like to grow up in a musical family, the misplaced sense nostalgia for greener cities and sounds, and the meeting with his ‘lifelong partner’ Dara at a party. He talks about the influence the 90s-00s Warp and Rephlex sound had on him, and also a bit about the future – including the upcoming projects on his label Eotrax.
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