December 19: RH instore | An X-Mas From Outer Space in Amsterdam

Yuletide exists in many forms. Rush Hour prelude Christmas with an otherworldly instore, curated by Dutch music journalist and collector Oscar Smit (Vinyl Magazine, OOR, Gonzo). Join us! Expect unheard music and unseen gadgets…

An X-Mas From Outer Space w/
– DJ Oscar
– Rude 66
– Alien Shneafliet (Trumpett Tapes)

As a music journalist, Oscar Smit contributes to renowned Dutch zines, such as OOR and Vinyl Magazine (the magazine that held strong flexi-discs by Dutch artists as well as Cabaret Voltaire and many more in the early 80ties). He now invites Alien Shneafliet (Trumpett Tapes) for a short performance and Rude 66 for a live show in the store.

Oscar’s X-mas Carols were originally released on Christmas Day 1984, 1985 and 1987 by Oscar Smit’s imprint Noel Tapes in Holland and are now released on LP. The compilation holds ‘carols’ by artists from the 80ties international and Dutch underground. “X-Mas Card From Outer Space” is out now, and will be available during the instore.

A variety of spaced out Christmas goods and original Trumpett label material, from the 80ties cassette era, will be displayed. Check it out! 5-8pm!

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