Light Conversation 03 with Jordan GCZ (Juju & Jordash)

Jordan GZC from Juju & Jordash features in the next installment of Light Conversation – an interview series documenting the experiences and careers of personalities from across the creative spectrum.

Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski met during be-bop jam sessions in their native Israel back in the 90s. Once they started experimenting with synthesisers and drum machines, though, the main approaches carried over from their jazz sessions wasn’t so much their harmonic knowledge or sense of phrasing, but their instincts for spontaneity and improvisation.

Maybe it’s the impulsiveness inherent in improvisation that gives Juju & Jordash their restive nature: amorphous and anxious, keen to explore new remote possibilities for their sound rather than discovering a workable formula and bunkering down to continuity. Since their 2009 EP for Dekmantel as DKMNTL001, they’ve put out four albums and a slew of EPs; veering from charismatic oddball house to amorphous abstractions – throwing in extraterrestrial, eyes-down techno and electro along the way.

In this Light Conversation, Jordan displays the lighthearted mirth which shines through much of their productions. Gregory Markus talks to him about the different writing approach and gear used for the recent album, along with famous cheerleading moves and his two cents on Bladerunner 2049.