Light Conversation 2 w/ Jlin

Red Light Radio introduces Light Conversation – a new series documenting the lives and experiences of personalities from across the creative spectrum. On the second edition of Light Conversation we’re joined by Gary, Indiana footwork producer turned genre-defying, in demand prodigy Jlin (Jerrilynn Patton).

In the past 5 years, Jlin’s work has gone from turning heads on Planet Mu (OFFICIAL)’s Bangs & Works Vol 2 to being one of the most celebrated, unique and singular musical styles in recent memory. Her new LP, Black Origami has drawn comparisons to originality like that of Autechre and Aphex Twin and received universal critical acclaim. But the person behind the complex rhythms is not an enigma like Richard James. Instead it’s a humble, hard-working person from a town outside of Chicago who doesn’t like being pigeonholed and vehemently champions failure as the best way of learning.
Record live before her show with Ben Frost & MFO at Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw in collaboration with The Rest is Noise during Amsterdam Dance Event, the conversation drifts between video games, mathematics, journalists generalizing Jlin’s background and music, trust and failing. Listen back as one of music’s most amicable and progressive minds share her insight and warming laugh.
Music provided by Arif. Click here to hear the episode