September 21: MoE + DEAD in Amsterdam

Next up is a night full of heavy live jams at Amsterdam’s newest venue Garage Noord!

MoE (Norway)
The Norwegian band MoE has focused on expanding DIY attitudes from the 80s and 90s, especially inspired by great thinkers and autonomous musicians like Steve Albini, Greg Ginn and Ian MacKaye. Mixed with their own attitudes and with their background from noise and contemporary music.

DEAD (Australia)
Weighing in at a combined 120 kgs but boasting a power to weight ratio of 550hp/ton, DEAD are often mistaken for a band of considerably larger mass. The power trio has met its match; make way for the power duo. DIY as fuck, DEAD answers to no one, not even themselves.

Alongside the acts there will be music provided by RLR dj’s.

Small capacity, so don’t turn up late.

Thursday, September 21st
From 21:00 at Garage Noord
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 40, Amsterdam