April 8: The Taste Of MICH

We will be broadcasting ‘The Taste Of Mich’, brought to you by Jäger music at the Skatecafe in Amsterdam on april 8. There will be live shows by MICH, the Homesick, Waterlelyck and dj sets by Vic Crezée (Whatever Forever special), Bert & Ert, Rimer London, Parra & Schompus. Click here for ticket info…

15-16 MICH (Interview + Demo’s/Sideprojects)
16-16.30 Rimer London (Live)
16.30-17 MICH (DJ Set)
17-18 Waterlelyck (DJ Set/Live)
18-19 The Homesick (DJ Set)
19-20 Parra (DJ Set)