Liner Notes 11: Jamie Tiller

There are few people within the Amsterdam music scene that have been such a big influence as Jamie Tiller and his crew in recent years. The London native, who recently relocated to Berlin from Amsterdam, is responsible for the highly respected Music From Memory which he co-runs with partners-in-crime Tako Reyenga and Abel Nagelgast of Redlight Records. Jamie, who’s also part of the original Redlight-crew would fill the racks of this influential store with many finds from his digging trips through Europe. Being an integral part of this, it will be no surprise that Jamie is a close and very dear friend of the Red Light Radio-team as well. Besides putting out celebrated unreleased and overlooked electronic gems with his label, it may be said that Jamie has been one of the finest local DJs around lately playing well known festivals and parties all around the world. From African proto-house to oddball Euro boogie and the kind of 80’s Japanese Synth-Pop records that sound like the best new dance music you’ve never heard; blending them together is no big deal for the master mind himself.