Liner Notes

Liner Notes is a bi-weekly podcast series with mixes by our favorite selectors, DJs and music enthousiasts from around the world. We believe musical knowledge should be shared, so all mixes come with a full playlist and background info for all the tracks. Enjoy the music, and the liner notes.



Liner Notes 01: Lovefingers

Andrew Hogge is better known to you as Lovefingers and kicks-off our Liner Notes-project with the first mix in our new podcast-series. But just as every podcast takes you on another journey, every track has its own story.

Liner Notes 02: Mikkel O. Brask

In the second Liner Notes Copenhagen based music fiend, sound designer and DJ Mikkel O. Brask highlights a variety of Danish underground scenes, from the late seventies, eighties until today.

Liner Notes 03: DJ Fitz

DJ Fitz alias John Fitzgerald is a musical oddball, who keeps finding beauty in records from all over the world. For the third Liner Notes we dig deeper within the meaning and origin of all songs involved and get to know the true rationale of the artists.

Liner Notes 04: Young Marco

Young Marco’s contribution to Liner Notes has become like time travel. A brilliant and otherworldly hybrid of fine pop art with a wide range of esotheric tracks.

Liner Notes 05: Ripley Johnson

Portland based Ripley Johnson is part of the space/psychedelic rock band Wooden Shjips (often compared to The Doors, Soft Machine and Guru Guru) and Moon Duo. He delivers a mix filled with psychedelics, rock, ambient, jazz, funk, Turkish pearls, Zam-rock and heavy noise for this edition of Liner Notes. Have a listen and take your ears on a proper ride.

Liner Notes 06: John Gómez

Madrid-born, London-based selector John Gómez hosts the Rush Hour show on NTS Radio and runs the Tangent night with esteemed disco digger Nick the Record. He’s also currently preparing a compilation of esoteric Brazilian music for the Amsterdam based Music From Memory imprint.

Liner Notes 07: Gioumanne

DJ Gioumanne knows his stuff like no one else. It was the trip with his dad to Malawi that influenced him to study Swahili and African Studies and made him fall in love with the continent. Now he travels the world to find African music.

Liner Notes 08: Phuong-Dan

Phuong-Dan recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of his Gatto Musculoso residency at the Golden Pudel Club in his home town. His years of ‘working experience’ might explain why he is such an exciting, open-minded, courageous DJ. The curious artist suits the adventurous, as his mixes are built from an artistic narrative.

Liner Notes 09: Nosedrip

Ostend-based Nosedrip aka Ziggy Devriendt is the founder of the Belgian online radio station and has also just started a new, and same-titled label called Stroom. This edition of Liner Notes reflects Ziggy’s broad musical interests; ambient, drone-masterpieces, (funky) synth-pop, coldwave, post-punk and (neo)-folk all come together in this mix recorded at the first Liner Notes live event in Amsterdam.