Studio closing – New home base

For almost 10 years we had the pleasure and honour of broadcasting amazing music selected by an incredible bunch of people from all over the world, all from our tiny space on the Oudekerksplein in Amsterdam. What started as a temporary and fun 3 month project, has extended more than 9 fantastic years.

We’ve always been aware that this space was temporary. Planned and unavoidable renovations to the building have been constant this past year. As you probably know, the renovations started earlier this year with the building that housed the record shops and next up is the building with the radio studio. Both buildings will be converted into apartments on most floors. After the renovations, none of the current renters will return to the buildings on Oudekerksplein, which will have a new combined function.

The inevitable goodbye to our radio studio that was planned in the course of this year has now been accelerated by the current pandemic circumstances. We are a platform that, to a great extent, relies on income generated by events and festival partnerships all over the world. As many others, including our friends in the building that are moving their studios in the next months, the current circumstances affect us a lot. Both practically and financially we are not able to stay much longer.

That’s why the final broadcast from our beloved studio will be on Saturday 27th June. How exactly the studio closing will take place is still unclear and depends on the developments in the national COVID-19 measures. We will let you know as soon as we have figured out how we can best conclude our studio’s almost ten year long broadcasting streak with you.

From July onwards, our new home and office will be at the RLR AMS Shop on Oudezijds Achterburgwal 133 where we will share the building with some of our already relocated friends from Oudekerksplein (Redlight Records, Voyage Select, Knekelhuis). From here, we will not resume a daily radio program. Unfortunately, this means that all radio residencies will come to an end.

Without streaming daily live shows, we are working on new ways to bring people together, share amazing music and broadcast from various locations, live events and festivals. We can’t wait to organise more listening sessions and get-togethers from our new homebase as well. Of course we will keep you posted on this, because RLR will remain most importantly, a platform that thrives on the combined passion of many, including yours!

Finally yet importantly: we’d like to take this moment to share our gratitude and deep appreciation to you, our residents, our Red Light Radio family. Without your devotion, positive energy and great tunes these 9+ years of radio making simply wouldn’t have been as awesome. We look forward to share more music together in the near future!

Hope to see you all very soon – take care,

Red Light Radio