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Covid-19 Pandemic: No RLR live broadcasting until further notice

Due to the recent developments and national safety precautions around the Covid-19 virus we’re closing our radio studio at least until April 6. In this period, there will be no live radio programming and scheduled shows will be postponed. Meanwhile, our Mixcloud page offers thousands of hours of cool archived shows. Stay safe!

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Mbodj is the name under which the selector Maguette Dieng spread sounds that navigate between styles of electronic current. Genres such as gqom, jungle or experimental club electronics, or ambient, are some of them, feeling special weakness for bass, oddities and advanced sounds of decentralized DNA. Her chameleonic fantasy aims to deconstruct that idea of musical monogamy that both limits the creativity and nature of any music lover who wants to create and share dance experiences and listen to heterogeneous and not very obvious.

Now playing Sat 14:00 15:00

Baba Sy

With several years behind him sharing the freshest and most promising sounds of the African continent, Baba Sy is not only a great musical selector, but also gives off a vibrant and contagious energy during his sets. He has been performing at festivals such as the Nyege Nyege and has been a resident of the famous Razzmatazz Clubs, as well as performing in other mythical venues such as Moog, Apollo, Garage 442 and Laut in Barcelona. He is also co-founder of the Barcelona collective Jokkoo and is working on his musical project ‘Deerr’ that will come out later this year.

Now playing Sat 15:00 16:00

Roll Dan

Roll Dann is a Dj and producer from Madrid, Spain. He has releases on labeles such as Soma, Modularz, Clergy and Pole Group. He also has his own label Opera 2000 (founded in year 2020) along with _asstnt.

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Kieran A

Pursuer of weirder dance music. Italo fan boy. Techno try hard. Ambient Sceptic. Junior CEO & senior data entry assistant at Ransom Note. Always on my mind x

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Pearla for Paradoxy

Daniel Morelli, alias Pearla, is a Dj and Producer from Berlin. Record collector and label owner. In a few weeks he´ll putting out his second label after “Story About You”. A fresh label named Paradoxy with the first EP including releases from Ashtrejinkins, Bataille, Dogpatrol and himself. His eclectic taste is well and truly reflected throug his sets.

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Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) is a producer from Tel-Aviv, who splices together funk, hip-hop, ambient and jazz. He’s helped cultivate Israel’s modern beat movement, and fostered a community of international artists who contribute to his Raw Tapes label.

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RVDS aka Richard von der Schulenburg is a luminary out in Hamburg, where he played alongside heroes such as Anthony “Shake” Shakir, K Alexi Shelby, Kyle Hall, Scott Grooves and many others. Whoever had the chance to listen to his sets at the legendary Golden Pudel Club knows where his magical charming sound comes from. With his releases for own label “It’s”, and a releases and remixes on a bunch of other imprints such as Laid, Uncanny Valley or Acid Test, he already created a tiny fanhood of moonaddicts and dreamers all around the globe.

Now playing Thu 15:00 16:00

Disco Arabesquo presents: Dar Disku

I’m happy to finally host the awesome Dar Disku crew. These childhood friends from Bahrain have grown up to start an inspiring label to bring forth some of the insanest Arabic dance edits out till present date. Some of their releases are Sidi Mansour (Moving still edit), Ehab Tawfik (Tjade edit) and Ya Mahmud (Dar Disku edit). Look out for more of these guys, ’cause they are on a roll! Yallah!

Saturday - 11 April

  • 13:00 Mbodj
  • 14:00 Baba Sy
  • 15:00 Roll Dan

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